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A SUNY alumna who holds two degrees. The first is an Associate's in Visual Art, and the second is a

As Founder & CEO, I worked in the construction business for nearly a decade as a Laborer/Mason Tender (proud member of Local 79) and completely understand and appreciate the importance of a thorough onsite clean-up. In addition, I am certified (not licensed) in Home Inspection. Therefore, possess a fundamental knowledge of Electrical Systems, HVAC, Roofing and Plumbing. Furthermore, familiarizing myself with all aspects of Real Estate has always been a passion of mine. As a sidebar, I am a SUNY alumna who holds two degrees. The first is an Associate's in Visual Art, and the second is a Bachelor's degree with a concentration in Psychology.

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A keen eye for detail and solid time management skills permit me to aaccurately assess locations and swiftly implement systems specifically tailored toward meeting the individual needs of my clients. Additionally, I am a strong advocate of accountability. Have you ever heard of the Triple P's? It stands for Positive Peer Pressure, and this is what I offer my team in order to maintain a strong foundation. Collectively, we will successfully get the job done!

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What We Do: Real Estate 

Maintenance and/or Repair of Foreclosed and Pre-Foreclosed Residential and Commercial Properties. In Addition, Maintenance of Properties in the Private Sector.

This includes:

Cleaning Services/Trash Removal



Snow Removal



Lock Changes


Electrical Systems

Roof Repair




Officially Launched On June 3, 2019!


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